The Gun Show Must Go On

Driving down Westover Blvd the other day my fifteen year old announces that he saw a billboard for an upcoming Gun Show in Albany. He was even so thorough as to read the dates. Of course once I verified this wonderful information I immediately made mental plans to take said young brewd to the gathering of weaponry and testosterone. The first encounter with my lovely wife had me telling her of my plans. I got a thumbs up and all was right with the world.

Upon arriving at the show I was met with a disturbing sign. “No Loaded Weapons Allowed”. WTF?!?!?!? You mean i am going to a gun show and I can’t wear my .45 to show that I have a rod and don’t be fucking with me. I really wore it because I wanted a holster for it and thought it would be wise to bring it for fitting purposes. So I had to down-load and have my slide locked back. A zip tie was used to secure it back. Now I’m all about safety but come on. I figured that the one place I could wear my gun would be a damn Gun Show. I thought that would be a poster event for the 2nd Amendment. Not true, I was wrong……as usual.

More on this situation later………..

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