Anti-Social Networking

For a couple of years now I have been immersed in the world of Social Networking. Specifically Facebook and Twitter. About a year ago I deleted all of my friends on Facebook, save three, with the idea that all of those people were not my real friends. They were just contributing to me having a high friend count and stroking my non-existent ego just a little. Twitter was a way to link to interesting news articles and a way to post status updates on the two pages at once. I had the misguided idea that anyone really cared about my status or anything about me. I again had the illusion that anyone else wanted to see my pictures or videos. After about a month of no Facebook I again started to rebuild my friend count and reached a number of 275 friends on Facebook and 78 followers on Twitter. Last night things had to change again.

I was laying in bed not sleeping. I have gained about thirty pounds back and with every pound acquired another 10 minutes it took to get to sleep. My snoring has worsened to the point that Michele has to sleep with earplugs. I am all too familiar with my food addiction but there are other factors that contribute to my weight gain. Actually, there are MANY factors that contribute to my weight problem. After going through the long list, one reason stood out. The things that I do that enable me to stay on the couch inactive are some of the worst weights on my weight. I will never completely give up the computer but two of the main reasons for booting up are the aforementioned social networking sites. So as a man I want to solve this problem. Eliminate the sites. So at three o’clock in the morning I busied myself doing just that. I first deleted my Twitter account. I deleted the Twitter and Foursquare apps from my cellphone. Then I logged onto Facebook and went about deleting all of my friends except Michele. I feel I need to have the account just to keep up with Michele and see what she is interested in. She surfs the net with unequaled enthusiasm and that leads to interesting stories. I locked down my privacy settings so I can’t get messages or friend requests. No one can search for me or see anything about me. That was that.

Eliminating these distractions allows me to do other things without feeling like I have to keep up with posts and what’s going on. I’m retired. I don’t need to know what’s going on with anybody unless they are close enough to call me and tell me. The freedom will allow me to get out of the house more and actually become more personally social. So it is my opinion that someone like me who is a loaner and does not socialize the web-based social networking sites are just contributing to our phobias of people. They allow the individual to remain the individual and stay at home and hide from the world. I’m not going to be running for public office but I will be out of the house more, Socializing and Networking.



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