Funeral For A Friend

For the third time in as many weeks I found myself loading Windows Vista on my Gateway laptop. I keep having weird crashes, extremely slow performance and just weird things happening in general. I have loaded Windows and downloaded all of my necessary programs over and over again. It’s just not working. Finally, on the last attempt, it simply wouldn’t work. After the Vista Service Pack downloads the computer screams about a corrupt or missing file and it’s all over. Another load of Windows doesn’t replace this file either. Luckily, Tinkerbell was there to save the day.

Either out of pity for me and my computer woes or out of just plain being tired of my whining my wife offered to buy me a new laptop for Christmas. She says she had already planned to get me one but was hoping that my old computer would limp along until Christmas so I would have the big surprise on the big day. Alas, she wouldn’t hold on. I politely protested because I do feel a sense of guilt having that much money spent on me. But in the back of mind I was overwhelmed with joy. A new computer is just about the best gift I could receive. I am an electronic geek extraordinaire. Michele countered my polite protests with advising me that I was going to get a new laptop and I could either pick it out and get it now or she could pick it out and give it to me Christmas morning. With the possibility of using my phone  browser for internet usage for six weeks I quickly opted to go ahead and pick it out.

The shopping begins. No there wasn’t a lot of store jumping and deep research going on. Twelve months of interest free financing through Sam’s was the way to go. Choosing from the Sam’s in stock line up I found and fell in love with the HP G62. 4G of RAM and 350G of hard drive space is all I need. It has more features than I expected and it ACTUALLY works. I must admit I didn’t read all the reviews before hand and I didn’t consult anyone. The price was right and the RAM and ROM were what I needed. The screen is bigger than I thought I wanted for my next computer but now that I have it I’m glad that I didn’t go with a smaller one. I don’t travel much and I don’t take my laptop to many places outside of home. So I’m perfectly happy with what I have.

I have only used it for two days now but I have no regrets. Windows 7 is not that different and seems to be easy to use. some people will tell you to get a Mac but I just can’t seem to bring myself to spend that extra money for something that isn’t all that much better. There must be some reason more people use Windows than Apple based products.

I now have to figure out what to do with my old friend the Gateway. She was a good computer for almost four years. I have thought about buying a new hard drive and selling it on Ebay. I have also thought ab out drilling a hole into the hard drive and throwing it away. I’ll decide soon.

So a big thank you to Tinkerbell and off into the wonderful land of internet addiction I go!!

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