Behind The Times (Written SPRING OF 2010)

A lot has happened since I last posted. I have been demoted, transferred and humiliated. I guess if I thought I deserved such treatment I could take it better but I know the reasons and the politics behind it and that has caused the most pain. Other than that turmoil, here are a few updates:

Daphne has grown to be quite the young lady. She had her first Westie Style haircut and looks like a real dog now. She has gotten protective of her yard and house and can’t stand for Michele or me to give anyone any attention. I must say I like it. It’s nice to have someone jealous of you whether you admit it or not. She has increased her cat chasing to a point that we are going to have to curb her appetite for feline fur. As much as I despise Bud I would hate for him to get hurt. That would bring on more drama in the house than I can stand right now.

Jacob is getting taller and leaner. He is 130lbs of bone and hair. He is behaving better in school but he is still not giving the scholars a run for their money. He could if he would. But that’s another story all together.

Sarah is about the same although she has gotten taller and leaner as well. The exercise from swimming seems to have done her well.

Michele is sweeter than ever. She has become the dream wife. We are finally planning a short Honeymoon. We are going to Savannah for a few days and are just going to be child free and happy.

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