So Sorry

Apologies First

OK I’m sorry. I haven’t blogged since December 5th. I have only updated a few videos of Michele since then. But guess what. Things are about to change. I am retiring from my oppressive freedom-hating job and I will soon be free to tell you all kinds of stories. Stories that I promise will be of interest  to anybody in my “former” line of work. Once the glorious day gets here that I can unleash a flurry of scandal and lies I will be relieved. Keeping it all to myself and maybe only a few other close people  just isn’t cutting it.

Catching Up

As far as catching up goes, there are a few things and situations that are new. I guess the most glaring thing is that I am retiring. It’s finally over. I will be Mr. Mom. Not that I ever dreamed about being Mr. Mom, it’s just what’s fixin’ to be. The whole story behind all of that deserves a blog of it’s own.

Jake got braces last week. He is adjusting to them well. He is like every other teenager. He gets a little excited about the whole thing at first but when the pain hits the attitude changes.

Sarah is doing well and is getting better at swimming. She started last fall and has continued with a private team this summer.

Michele, my beautiful bride, is still the best thing since sliced bread and Cable T.V. She has been very supportive and loving during my trials and tribulations over the last year.

The most frightening that has occurred was that mom decided to have an aortic dissection. She almost died. I know a lot of people say that but when I got the call from Bill I could tell that he didn’t expect her to hang on long enough for me to get to Valdosta. Momma ,being the tough girl that she is , fought it through and has now recovered. As a matter of fact, she got results today that show her aorta has completely healed and there is no need to have surgery. Thank GOD.

That’s enough for the brief catch ups. Since I am at home now I will have more opportunities to blog and stay in touch.

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