Hot Potato

I went to the doctor’s office yesterday to get back on track with my diabetes care and getting some tonnage off of my fat-ass. This was the first visit to this doctor so I didn’t know the process there because they all work differently. Just finding a new doctor in Albany was a challenge but I finally consulted my wife who directed me to this “group office”.

I walked in and was greeted by two ladies who started me on the process. Not too long after that I was summoned to booth #2. This nice lady started the dreaded paperwork we all know we hate when you go to a new place. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that this lady just got my driver’s license and did all of the work herself.  So far, I am impressed. Their computer system went down so I did get to hear a few complaints about the new system but I was sympathetic because I have been there and done that.  After she discovered where I worked she became more light an talkative because she knew one of my old Albany coworkers. She asked why I was there and she appeared  to  be  entering this into their system. I was not surprised that she collected the  copay at this time because I have experienced this at other offices. It seems that some folks will pull a doc-and-dash. That part of the visit was relatively quick and painless.

I waited a very short amount of time and was called back by Ma-Kettle. “It’s a little air-ish out there ain’t it?” Air-ish is a southern term that means it’s too cold for short sleeves but not cold enough for a real jacket. I understood that. She gets my weight and takes my blood pressure and shuffles me off to a exam room where we find the nurse. The nurse is covered in blood but in relatively good spirits. She is more concerned that it is on her white shirt and wants to make sure she gets it out. We then have every employee in the place consult her on how to accomplish this. Southern women love to give advice on laundry and cleaning. Ma-Kettle left me there as she pursued my nurse down the hall filling her ears with valuable advice.

After a change of clothes and a better attitude acquisition my nurse reappeared. She logged onto the computer system asked me why I was there and what could they do for me. I explained all of my issues to her and she dutifully typed all of this in the system. Then she was gone.

I waited for about five minutes and then a young man came in and announced that he was a medical student and he needed to check me out first. We did the old listen to your heart and lungs deal and I laid back for the gut pushing. He wanted to know why I was there. He typed this in the system and he was gone only after he voiced his dismay about my previous doctor’s care.

Next it was the doctor. Guess what. He wanted to know why I was there. I told this story again and received a look not unlike a dog hearing a distant siren.  He listened to my heart and lungs and also pressed on my belly reminding me how big it is. He then gave me a little lesson on how things work around there. It seems they are a training facility and he could not prescribe the meds I wanted/needed. He would need to talk to the doctor. He explained he was just a resident. Somebody shoot me please, it will be quicker.

The resident and the med-student return excited that they have obtained permission to give me a script for the meds I needed. I had to remind the good resident that he had stated earlier that he wanted to get blood from me. You see, I am old hand at doctor’s offices. I knew to not eat that morning because every new doctor wants blood. Even though I had to remind him of this he did remember that he wanted it.

I was ushered to the lab where they are not allowed to bring their personalities to work. The technician did a very good job but I still don’t know if she has a voice or any blood of her own for that matter. Lucky for her she didn’t ask me why I was there. That would have been a Fox News Headline. I would have acted a fool.

I made a new appointment and I was gone. All in all it not a bad visit. I met about 20 new people. They all know my life story. Maybe I’ll get a Christmas card from my new friends. We’ll see.

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