Drillin’ for Oil

A scheduled visit to the dentist yesterday turned into an apparent attempt by the dentist to look for even more wealth in the base of my jaw. Let me explain. Jake and I got our teeth cleaned about six weeks ago which was way overdue. Jake emerges from the hygienist torture chamber without a blemish on his dental record. I was not so lucky. Although the young lady was very vocal about how well I had taken care of my teeth over the years I was still informed that a return visit would be needed to repair a rear molar the had previous damage from a very nasty wisdom tooth in some years past.

So today I arrived at 0800 as instructed and was met by the doctor in the waiting room. He told me there were some electrical problems with the lights and he also had a water leak in the ceiling. His mind was not on my mouth. The only time I ever wanted a man to be focused on my mouth and I was upstaged by recessed lighting and a bad flange. Why me? The dental assistant started to take me back to the chair of pain when she stopped in mid gallop because the dentist was in the attic so the access ladder was down in the hallway. We navigated that and I had a well earned seat. Then, the illusion started. He placed a tissue in my  mouth and my right lower jaw got numb. I thought, wow, things have come a long way in dentistry, no shots!!! After a few minutes the work began. I saw the dentist with some large tube. He was sticking it in my rear tooth where the trouble was and once again I thought, wow, this ain’t nuthin’!!   After 5 minutes of that they left. Again, WOW!!! That was it? I’m tougher than I thought.

As time went by my jaw and tongue got increasingly numb. I had the audacity to think “they should have waited a little, I’m just now getting numb but it’s all over”. Boy was I an idiot. They came back. And boy did they show me. He proceeded to drill in my mouth with what I thought was a Black and Decker 3/8 power drill with a 20 foot drop cord. He drilled like there was some Black Gold or Texas Tea in there. Wanting to give Jed a run or his money. Let me tell you folks, when you are already surprised about this process it doesn’t do your confidence any good when the dentist breaks a sweat and starts shaking his head. When he stands up for traction you know your are getting screwed in the wrong end. Not so much pain, just the thought of a 1/2″ masonry bit coming out of my throat if he slipped. This went on and on. When they take a break and tell you to rest your jaw you know your are in for a day.

They finished and I was grateful.   He made comments like,  “That was tougher than I thought is was gonna be”. No shit. It was a damn sight tougher than I thought it was gonna be. I’m not really complaining about my doctor, he did just fine. I guess it’s my messed up grill and my ignorance of  what really goes on when you get a filling. It’s my fault for avoiding the dentist for so many years. It was apparently time for me to get back in the game. This is one game where I’d like to ride the pine.

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