The World is Flat

This post is not funny or really interesting to anyone but me. It is just a release of frustration that may seem small to some. I had the good intention this morning to take Jake to school instead of making him ride the Bluebird Special. I went out to warm up the Nissan Sentra Turbo leaving Jake instructions to get the garbage to take outside and meet me at the car. I waited and waited but we all know that 13 year olds move at the speed of drunk turtles. Jake finally gets in the car and as we pull out he tells me it took him so long because he was making his sandwich for his lunch. Just as he says that he realizes that he forgot his lunch. In a fit of aggravation I pulled back to the driveway only to notice the low tire-pressure light glowing fiendishly in the dash.  I get out and look at the front driver side tire and there in the sidewall is a two inch cut. The tire is not completely flat but well on it’s way. I inform Jake that he needs to partake of the County Greyhound because this was going to be a bad day for daddy.  I came back in the house and just sat here being mad at all that is the world. Then, I start the internet tire search to locate the best deal. After a few sites I determined that Sam’s was the way to go. I called them to make sure they had it in stock at the internet price. All checked out.

I filled the tire with air in hopes of just making it to Sam’s without ever having to actually change it. In my line of work I have already changed my fair share of tires and I avoid this when possible. I made it to Sam’s with no problems and for that I am thankful. I tried to enter the front door but I find out that Sam’s is only open for Business Card Holders from 8 to 10. Did the man on the phone tell me that when I called earlier? Not!!!  So I waited the twenty minutes and then I was let in to the precious domain that is Sam’s. I traveled to the Tire and Battery center where I found no one. After a few minutes I heard a few grunts and groans and determined that I needed to locate assistance myself instead of waiting. Tracking the noise I found the Sam’s Associate who was stacking tires. OK, he was doing his job, no fuss there. However, he was none too excited about me interrupting his tire wall building and his attitude was not really killing me softly. We worked out the details and I paid and yes……waited. It took about 45 minutes to have this one tire put on but I expect that. Referring back to my line of work I am well accustomed to waiting on vehicles to be fixed. I retrieved my key and my receipt and I was off.

That’s it. No blood, no murder, no trips to the hospital or even a manual tire change. It still wasn’t fun. In November I have both Jake and Michele’s birthdays to think about along with Christmas around the corner. This was just money I didn’t want to spend at this particular time. That’s all I have to say about that!


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