Review of Samsung Alias 2

SS2 closeed

I came across the Alias 2 by pure accident. I was a long time loyal Alltel customer when Verizon decided to buy Alltel in the Albany, Ga market. After many calls to Verizon I finally convinced the nice lady at 611 that I needed an upgraded phone since I was a new Verizon customer not by my choosing. She set-up my account so I get both of my lines upgraded with $30 off of each new phone. That was music to my ears because I am a tech-junkie and any time I get a new gadget I am happy once again. With Jake’s birthday and Christmas coming up that gave me another option for a present for him.


After hanging up with 611 lady I headed to Verizon with a spring in my not-so-lite step. I had every intention on getting an Envy 2. I had done a little research on it and it seemed to be getting good reviews. I loved the “open me  up for a full keyboard” theme. At the time I had a Motorola Krzr Km1 but I hated texting with that old simple dial pad.  Before the Krzr I had a Motorola Q9c. I had no complaints about that phone but the smart-phone data package was killing me every month. It was time for a change.

As I walked into the store I was met by sales dude who swore up and down there was no way I was upgrading two phones early with $30 off. Yes, a challenge. After plugging my info in the computer I got my assigned salesman. Very long story short I walked out with my Samsung Alias 2. Reserving the option for the second upgrade later if I wanted it. The main reason, they didn’t offer the Envy 2 anymore and it would have cost another $50 for the Envy 3. NOT!!! The Alias fit my little budget and with the extra money off it was perfect. It also had a $50 mail-in rebate. Good to me!!

So I get in the car at Verizon and being the geek I am I started going through it. The multi-flip  design is brilliant.  I love a flip phone for its traditional feel while you’re talking and the side flip with the full  Qwerty keyboard makes it perfect for texting and email. The “ink” keys are a wonderful idea and that makes this whole design come together.  While we are on keys, one of the most refreshing ideas ever is the one-key functions. In both phone flip and text flip  you have dedicated buttons for speakerphone, bluetooth,  voice-mail, camera, texting, alarm, games and vibrate mode. That makes life so simple when you can just hit one key to do all of  these functions without having  to dig  through menu after sub-menu after sub-sub-menu. After a month with this phone I can tell you that I absolutely love it. I have four email accounts linked to it. The camera is pretty good. It is 2 megapixel which is just OK. I didn’t buy it for picture-taking. With Verizon’s Mobile Web I have internet access with pretty fast email even though it’s not push email. There is a pre-installed program that with give you push email using a Microsoft Exchange Server but that little jewel costs $10 a month. I just don’t need it that bad. The phone is not a smart-phone so I don’t have broadband but  the Mobile Web does just fine for me.


Like the Krzr it has the music play static buttons on the outside so you can load music on the phone and play it back. The phone has two speakers and sounds pretty good for a phone. It has a slot for a Micro-SD card but I haven’t even come close to filling up the internal phone memory. It has a jack for a headset located in a convenient spot up on the top left corner. The is a button on the side to lock/unlock the music buttons. Like most phones it has a volume up/down button on the left side. Another refreshing idea is the power button located on the right side. The flip has to be open for it to work so there aren’t accidental power offs. The charger/USB  port is located just under the headphone jack. The only color I have seen this phone come in is Titanium. It looks good to me. I must be honest and say that the battery cover is hard to operate and it feels flimsy. That is really the only con I have found with the phone.

I read other reviews of this phone and quite a lot mention that the Alias 2 has poor battery life. I have not experienced that yet but the phone is only a month old. I haven’t included any tech specs for you because this post is just my opinion. I would highly recommend this phone but to each his own.

SS2 open ss2 3 times


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