The Family Story

Michele and I found each other through work back in August of 2007. At first we were just occasional coworkers. It wasn’t until Christmas of 2008 that we realized that there was so much more. We got engaged May 20th on a rainy Friday night. With each of us came the children. Jacob (Jake) is my son and Sarah (Skedaddle) is Michele’s daughter. Jake and I moved to Albany with Michele and Sarah in July. The children seemed fine with the union. Actually, they seemed indifferent at first. When Sarah was told the news about our engagement, her response was, ”Cool, can I get a Facebook page?” Jake took to Michele and Sarah quickly. They have all managed to deal with “Brady Bunch” situation wonderfully. Make no mistake, there are battles but I am pleasantly surprised how well everyone has adjusted. There has been no bloodshed or fires since the move. Michele already had the two cats, Fuzz and Bud. We are getting a West Highland Terrier puppy in December. She has already been picked out. She will be Daphne. Sometime in the next year I would like to get a Boston Terrier puppy. Michele and I are getting married March 27th 2010. That sums us up for now. Take it easy or don’t take it at all. Stay tuned.
October 2009

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