Osama Bin “See Ya Later”!!

Just a quick note to the U.S. Military, GOOD JOB!!!!! Yes, I know that it was the Navy SEALS that smoked Osama’s ass but you have to recognize the CIA and everybody else who helped in this four year mission. Thank you George W. Bush for getting all of this started and thank you whoever you are that didn’t let Obama puss out and give up the mission. Ding Dong the witch is dead.

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Download the ERA Southeast Coastal App


I wanted to share with you the new ERA Southeast Coastal app that helps you find trusted home service providers and local businesses. You can download it for free by visiting the following link:

http://bit.ly/1XikG4r, or search ERA Southeast Coastal in your app store. Make sure to select me as your preferred agent.

I hope you find it helpful for your home!

Bryan Strickland

ERA Southeast Coastal Real Estate

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